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          About Us
Our firm is constructed on 05.15.2007 for being the best in its field and for this purpose it applies international quality standards in production and montage of electric panels. It grows and develops with the support of qualified, professional work power of technical equipment and gives services centered in customer satisfaction. We are proud and we are pleased that we have completed the domestic and abroad projects, which we have taken their responsibility, in a short time and with the customer’s satisfaction since we began operation to this day within the time period.

Each product, which you have supplied from our firm, will be under the guarantee of our firm after the construction and sale. We cooperate with you to interfere to the problems, which can arise in your operation with our 24 hours services.
We began as a firm from the beginning of the year 2012 to sell electrical switch products as well as professional hand tools, construction chemicals and hardware materials.

Our aim is to be a model and leader organization in the sector, which does its work hereafter fast and without compromise the quality….
          Our Mission           Our Vision
Our mission is to be a modern and precursor firm, which meets customer orders in stipulated version with giving high standard quality and complete them on time. For doing this we will work with a principle of transparency and objectivity and we will offer with our professional team an improved product and service variety. We will satisfy institutionalization..
The vision, which our firm undertakes is to hold our mission lively and dynamic, to follow occurring innovations and to track continuous change and development. We have built corporate culture connected to team work. We are a leader firm in domestic and foreign markets producing flexible solutions and values for our customers with the support of the products and services, which we have developed and with the help of the sector information. Unconditional customer satisfaction principle and the proud which we have for the time you separated for us are our vision...
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